Some Answers to Prayer From Our 40 Days…

15 Feb

We’ve been posting answers to prayer in the foyer of Edgewood in Waupun and in the commons area at North Fond du Lac High School.  In case, you haven’t stopped to see what God is doing, Here are some of the answers (from Waupun) so far (I took the names out of one or two guessing that the person might have been happy with a posting in church but not on the internet)  God is good!

  • No cancer!!  in my mother-in-law’s breast – Tony Switzler
  • Praise God – all my sons-in-law attended the men’s conference 2 -4 – 12.
  • Blessings – Kyle answered a text from Derek.
  • 10 years praying for a baby for a friend – got pregnant while trying to adopt.
  • Received wisdom on a shepherding plan at a recent conference – Roger K.
  • I’m praying for the salvation of my dad and sister: my dad’s been reading the Bible, and my sister has been reading Christian novels.
  • Jan 29 Answer to prayer: My mother Donna came for a visit and I had asked the Lord for a sweet time of fellowship for the two of us.  He graciously answered and blessed us. Lynette Warner
  • Slowly getting answers.
  • Answered prayer! – Dave Schmaltz
  • Thankful for answering my prayer of – a desire for my friend to stop smoking and she is working on it.  Also, her van is continuing to run well.
  • I prayed for help in my job situation.  In in the middle of a miserable assignment.  Last week my assignment was shortened by 2 ½ weeks. Praise God!
  • Praise God that Mike got called back to work.  PJ

Coincidences?  Well, you know how the old saying goes – when I pray, coincidences happen.  I think one of the takeaways here is that God answers prayer, and He answers it very specifically.  So we should pray very specifically.  I’ll write another article with more answers later.  You Edgewood folks – keep posting what God is doing.  We want to watch the tide of the battle turn as we keep our hands up in prayer.  (Exodus 17)

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One response to “Some Answers to Prayer From Our 40 Days…

  1. James Schwindt

    February 23, 2012 at 9:23 pm

    This is very encouraging. I have actually said on several occasions in the past few weeks in conversation that I can’t wait to pray! I have never felt that way before!



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