A Pharisee Writes Home

18 Feb

writing hand and pen on woodDear Dad,

Greetings in the powerful name of Adonai! I trust things are well in Tarsus. Life in Jerusalem is hectic, but the pace is exciting. My lessons under Rabbi Gamaliel have come to a close, and he says I am ready to begin gathering my own students. All glory to G_d!

Perhaps the news has traveled to you already about the latest events? If not, I’m most glad to inform you (yes, yes, you’ve told me – I do enjoy writing letters). So…everything culminated yesterday in the stoning of a man named Stephen. I have to admit that he was a real puzzler, an extremely eloquent man, though some of the Scribes accused him of speaking blasphemous words against Moshe and the Name. As for me, I heard nothing of the sort, just more nonsense about the carpenter, preceded by a lengthy lesson on the history of our people. Others saw miracles from him, but of course I doubt it, for he was clearly another fanatical follower of what they are calling “the way”.

However, these people keep speaking of how this Jesus of Nazareth was raised from the dead. And they have so many so-called witnesses! Why, it’s enough to shake one’s faith. But don’t worry about me – I know and am convinced in what I have believed. And we know that when the Messiah comes, he will arrive in power, not weakness like this Jesus they proclaim. That said, we’ve got to do everything to put an end to this movement that is deceiving so many. And in light of that, I’m joining the cause full force, taking part in cornering and arresting these lawbreakers.

In fact, Father, on that note, I’ve got a big journey planned next week. I’m heading to Damascus, and I’m sure I’ll have great things to tell you about that trip.

Your devoted Son,



Tomorrow, Thursday, February 19: Acts 8

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