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War Room (review)

images226QDKI5Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need. Hebrews 4:16 (ESV)

My sweetie and I rushed up to Oshkosh this weekend after the Saturday evening service to see the latest offering from the writing, producing and directing team of Alex and Stephen Kendrick, War Room.

Directed by brother Alex (of Courageous and Fireproof fame), War Room tells the story of a suburban family torn apart by the husband Tony’s workaholic tendencies and, well…other issues. Wife Elizabeth is a real estate agent, a woman whose world is forever changed when she agrees to list the home of an elderly woman named Miss Clara. In the first meeting, Clara senses the younger woman’s domestic struggles, and as Elizabeth is leaving, she innocently asks about Clara’s favorite room in the house. Clara invites her to come again for coffee the next day, informing her that she will reveal this particular room at that time.

Of course, Miss Clara’s favorite room turns out to be a simple closet, indeed, a prayer closet, a.k.a., her “war room”. And thus begins Elizabeth’s glorious journey toward having a war room of her own.

I was thoroughly entertained, and more importantly challenged, as was Diane. And not surprisingly, we found ourselves praying a good bit of the way home. So, we heartily recommend it. And for you readers in my local area, it is still showing this week in Oshkosh. May I suggest the Tuesday evening (movie night in Wisconsin!) 7:40 p.m. show where you will find free popcorn and $5 movies.

Prayer is a fascinating thing. We know how important it is. We know we can “draw near with confidence to the throne of grace…” But we forget its importance. We get lazy. We become perfunctory in our praying, and we forget that we are in the midst of war. And before long, we are indicted by the prophet Isaiah…

Yet you did not call upon me, O Jacob;
but you have been weary of me, O Israel!

Isaiah 43:22 (ESV)

What I need, and what I assume we all need…are regular reminders that prayer matters. Scripture and sermons are important to that end, but occasionally, a movie like War Room does wonders.

If you follow my advice and zip over to your local theater this week, realize what you will find in a Kendrick brothers flick – the production values are not quite the same as your typical Hollywood fare (though they are getting better and better), and to that end, one reviewer said this

“The movie equivalent of repeatedly being punched by a Bible…only divine intervention will stop you from walking out.” 

Hah!  Well…whatever. I don’t think the Kendrick brothers were aiming at him. They were aiming at me, and I hope…you too. And they hit me dead center. I was challenged and encouraged, and I’m sure that when it comes out on DVD, our church will pop some popcorn of our own and have a big showing for everyone.

And until then, as two of my favorite reviewers used to say, “We’ll see you at the movies.”


For Tuesday, September 21st: Hebrews 5


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